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Hird lifts glass handling to new level with Intelli-Grip The company can now fit vacuum lifters with Power-Grips new computer-operated control system, called Intelli-Grip. Intelli-Grip is designed to prevent human error, warns of vacuum leaks and low battery levels before they become a risk. Its software also manages power to extend lifter running time, and it auto-tests the vacuum system as it is being used. The system can be monitored by the operator via a new full-colour display screen. Hird Director John Wilding said: Safety and innovation is at the forefront of what we do, which is why we were determined to be at the vanguard of bringing Intelli-Grip technology to the UK. The system maximises productivity, reduces human error, simplifies maintenance and repairs, and protects employees from harm. This package of benefits is already impressing clients. Bryan Wood, CEO of Woods Powr-Grip, said: Intelli-Grip technology is a quantum leap in vacuum lifter safety. The industry has not seen a revolution like this since my grandfather developed the red-line vacuum indicator for hand-held vacuum cups. Intelli-Grip is available on OSHA regulations the MRT4 and MRTA8 vacuum lifters, and will be available on the P11104 and MR611 vacuum lifters in early 2018. John Wilding added: Smart digital systems are becoming more commonplace in the glass lifting industry, as vacuum lifters become more essential to manage the sophistication of 21st Century construction techniques. Glass and curtain wall installers are demanding more and more diagnostic and system management capability to drive efficiency, productivity and safety. Intelli-Grip is an excellent example of this trend. Hird offers the broadest range of glass lifting equipment for hire in the UK, including compact pick and carry cranes, spider cranes, glass vacuum lifters, glazing robots, access equipment, and lifting accessories.

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